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‘Brevis oratio et longa manducatio’

Medieval expression meaning short speech and long meal

On June 17 and 18 in Briones we celebrate the XXV Medieval Days. Relive with us the medieval charm of our small town.

For two days we bring back to our streets our cultural heritage, recreating the life we had in the 14th century. Through our cobbled streets and mansions will walk the master craftsmen of the time: cheesemakers, noblemen, master brewers and stonemasons. Sword fights between Navarrese and Castilians, falconry, jesters, acrobats and Nasrid dancers are a unique experience that connects us with our identity, heritage and tradition.


Briones La Rioja tradición

In Allegar, the hotel’s restaurant, our chef Juan Cuesta has prepared a medieval special menu for the occasion, which could well arouse the first verses of a “Romancero”.

Menú Medieval 2023

Reinterpreting the tradition of Riojan gastronomy, the appetizers will be macerated in the medieval cellar that is excavated in the subway rocks of the hotel. 

Immerse yourself with us in this gastronomic and cultural experience in an environment where the medieval architecture and spirit can be felt in every corner. The wall, integrated into the hotel and each of the stone slabs reflect the flavor and special character that only gives the passage of time.

Calado típico de La Rioja
Meet again