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Allegar, our gastronomic experience



In our land, Allegar means to fill the plate, to make the most of food and drink. It also means to pile up, in this case good memories and experiences around a table, with friends, with family, with your partner.

Thus, each meal becomes an act of sharing that becomes a celebration of life itself and an exciting journey towards innovation and creativity, maintaining the essence of a tradition rooted in the vineyards and fertile lands of La Rioja. The table is filled not only with dishes that awaken the palate and challenge the imagination, but also with stories and conversations that weave unbreakable bonds between those who sit at it.

In this dance of flavours and emotions, with the product as the protagonist, each meal is transformed into a collection of good memories that we will carry in our souls forever.
Passion for cooking and for our culture that has already been recognised with a highlight in the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide.


In the Allegar restaurant cellar, each label tells a story, each bottle is an invitation to explore the landscapes and emotions of La Rioja. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have meticulously selected the best wines from our land, making each bottle a testimony to its richness and diversity.

Our winery is not only a tribute to the world-renowned great names, but also a platform for the hidden gems of Briones, a small town with a great wine-making heritage. We are proud to offer a wine list that is a reflection of the terroir of our village, highlighting indigenous varieties and traditional techniques that have been refined over generations.

Furthermore, at Allegar, we understand that the wine experience is enhanced when paired with the right food. That is why we offer an expert wine pairing service, designed to complement and elevate the dishes on our menu through a unique oenological experience.



The soft and delicate light of the inner courtyard enters the large windows and illuminates a room that seems spacious and cozy at the same time, a perfect, quiet atmosphere in which to experience a symphony of flavors and textures. 

Honeyed and crispy lamb on sweet potato cream and panko breadcrumbs, cod in slices on apple reineta, tomato and honey mustard vinaigrette, blanched green beans, crunchy careta, and potatoes are some of the dishes that parade through the dining room accompanied by a selection of the best wines of La Rioja. Cuisine true to the region and a refined technique to awaken your taste buds to the flavors of La Rioja.

El reservado

Restaurante Allegar reservado

Located in what was the establishment’s old wine press, the dim light that enters through its old mouth gives it a very singular atmosphere. El reservado is directly accessible from the dining room of our Allegar restaurant and offers that extra privacy perfect for group lunches.

Wine bar

Copa vino

At the heart of our hotel and adjacent to our main dining room is the Wine bar, a versatile space designed to be the perfect place for wine lovers to explore and enjoy at any time. Here, our guests are free to discover a curated selection of local and international wines, even outside of traditional meal times.

Allegar’s wine bar also offers a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail. Whether in the lounge or in the courtyard next to the wall, the Wine Bar is the perfect setting for a break, a quiet conversation or simply to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet accompanied by a good Rioja.

Opening hours Restaurant Allegar

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
From 14.00h to 15.30h
From 20.00h to 22.00h

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
From 20.00h to 22.00h

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