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Standard general


Our standard rooms are the door to discovering an authentic way of life, that of La Rioja, a culture and a way of being.

By using light and its combination with noble materials of natural origin (stone, hardwoods), all our spaces are designed to generate a cozy atmosphere with natural colors, a room specially designed for enjoying extra privacy, tranquility, and calm.

Standard general

Get in, close the door and open a private space. It’s home.

Standard baño

Free Wifi
Approximately 30 m²
Smart 40″ TV
Air conditioning
Bathrobe and slippers
Complete bathroom:
· Hairdryer
· Toiletries by L’Occitane

albornoz detalle
The stone, the wood, the screened light that filters through the roofs of what was once a settlement, then a medieval village, then a point from which to enjoy another life, a different pace, other dreams. The window onto the slow life, onto naturalness, onto endless conversations, onto the smell of the countryside, of trodden grapes, of the fermenting wine, of the vine shoot lending its aroma to the embers; a door to sharing and onto enjoyment. If we cross this threshold, we won't be the same; there won't be any going back. And who wants to if this is the life we have been dreaming of?

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