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Located in northern Spain, La Rioja is a tiny place full of big landscapes and contrasts, quirks and customs, culinary secrets that taste just like grandma’s cooking, and one-of-a-kind treasures.

It’s a fascinating land whose hidden gems and amazing history will help it captivate you more than you ever thought possible. It will make you look at things you’ve seen before with new eyes…

La Rioja más mágica
Land of dinosaurs

66 miles from Santa María Briones and 45 miles from Logroño, in the village of Enciso to be exact, you can find some interesting traces of the past…

There you’ll find the Dinosaur Trail (Senda de los Dinosaurios) with its 1,400 indexed dinosaur footprints. The route begins at the Paleontology Center and includes a total of 7 sites where you can discover the singular creatures that once walked this very planet ages ago. 

You’ll also enjoy some magnificent views during your visit. This is a real gem worth uncovering on your next trip to La Rioja.

La Rioja tierra de dinosaurios
Haro station district wineries

Did you know that Haro is the neighborhood with the highest concentration of hundred-plus-year-old wineries worldwide? Just a 9-minute drive from our boutique hotel, you’ll find the Station District (Barrio de la Estación). 

Take a stroll through this unique locale and discover the essence of each of its many wineries. More good news for wine lovers: they host their District Station Tasting event every year, where you can step inside the various wineries and taste two wines from each. It’s an experience that promises to be unforgettable.

El barrio de las bodegas en Haro
Art in La Rioja

Art also has its place in La Rioja. In all its many forms. 

If you find yourself near Logroño in January, you won’t want to miss the Festival Actual, a music, film, and art festival that takes place in the city. It’s Spain’s first such festival of the calendar year, and its lineup never fails to impress. Featuring an exciting series of concerts by well-known bands and artists, as well as independent film screenings and art exhibits. It’s easily one of the best events in La Rioja.

If you’re looking for art that’s more off the beaten path, two spots might spark your interest. 

One of Logroño’s best-kept secrets is signed by none other than Michelangelo Buonarroti. In the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, you’ll find a painting of the crucifixion by the great artist himself. 

And film buffs might be aware that the classic black-and-white drama Main Street (or Calle Mayor), directed by Juan Antonio Bardem, was filmed on Logroño’s Calle Portales in 1956.

The first traces of castilian spanish

In the village of San Millán de la Cogolla, you’ll find the famous twin monasteries known as Suso and Yuso. It’s an incredible spot surrounded by nature, and it’s well worth a visit. In 1997, it was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its thick walls, several monks recorded the very first words written in Castilian. 

And during the month of August, you can visit at night to take in a spectacle of shapes, lights, and stars on the ceiling.

The oldest house in La Rioja

It’s just a 2-minute stroll from the Hotel Santa María Briones to the oldest house in all of La Rioja. At the corner where the Plaza de España meets Calle Bergareche, you’ll find an old mansion constructed in the 16th century. It’s the oldest private building in the entire region. 

Its weathered stones and the coat of arms set in the arch above the front door can tell us a bit about the years that have passed since this house was first built and all the history its facade has witnessed.

La casa más antigua de La Rioja

These are just a few of the many attractions that make La Rioja even more enticing. But there’s nothing like seeing its sites with your own eyes, feeling its history with your own hands, and tasting and smelling its food and wine in person. 

At Santa María Briones, a charming hotel in La Rioja, we’re looking forward to making your trip a memorable one full of good times and great connections.

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