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The story of the Hotel Santa María Briones contains many hidden depths. 

There you’ll discover a tale of reconnection, a reunion, a homecoming. A Riojan family that returned to its origins. A region that revolves around a unique culture, cuisine, history, and wine that all come together to make up a home.

But you’ll also find in it the story of a labor of love: love for a place. A project that included a process of rehabilitation and attention to detail, every space cultivated with care and affection.
The villa’s defensive wall was organically incorporated into the hotel’s architecture, creating a confluence of volume and light that’s extremely inviting. Added to that were other quality materials like wood and stone meant to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Aljibe Santa María Briones

Images of the well

It all began with a private mansion from the 16th century, noted for its great historical value: a site to be treated with the respect its history demands.

La entrada a la Bodega Santa María Briones

Images of the El Calado restaurant’s entrance

The work done by Ignacio Quemada Architects and the interior design studio Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados was a key part of this process.

Fachada lateral Santa María Briones

Images of the side facade

Zona del patio de Santa Maria Briones

Images of the hotel patio

Thanks to the efforts of all the professionals who collaborated with us in this process, today Santa María Briones stands as a representation of a land and a culture that revolves around wine, a rich culinary tradition, and its people… It’s a haven for all those who want to bask in Riojan culture, for all those who wish to discover themselves anew.

An authentic undertaking that pays homage to everything a place like La Rioja has to offer.

La muralla de Santa Maria Briones

Images of the hotel patio area

From all of us at Santa María Briones, we sincerely hope you have a chance to join us and experience the pleasure of discovering Briones, admiring the hotel’s design, enjoying La Rioja’s cuisine, raising a glass in good company…


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Meet again