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Benores general


Suite with an approximate floor area of 41 m². It has a balcony overlooking Calle Concepción and our main facade and views deep into the village of Briones and the church of Santa María. They have a fully equipped living room and an ensuite bathroom.

By using light and its combination with noble materials of natural origin (stone, hardwoods), all our spaces are designed to generate a cozy atmosphere with natural colors, a room specially designed for enjoying extra privacy, tranquility, and calm. 

Berones salón

Get in, close the door and open a private space. It’s home.

Berones baño

Free Wifi
42 m²
Smart 40″ TV
Air conditioning
Bathrobe and slippers
Complete bathroom:
· Hairdryer
· Toiletries by L’Occitane
· Option with bathtub

Berones general
Lords of this house, of this room, masters of our time, of our enjoyment. Of the dim light drawn by the shadow of the tower of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción; of viewing its slender silhouette from the bed and waking up slowly while we watch the storks come and go, oblivious to us, unaware of our fascinated gaze, while they build their nest at the top. To feel like princes, marquises, characters from this other life, slow, unhurried, in this place that bears witness to time and history.

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