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Vivanco wine culture package

Cultura Vino

If anything characterizes La Rioja, it’s winegrowing culture. Wine is the heritage that flows through its streets, helps shape its identity, and floods its every corner. It’s famous all around the world.

Now is the perfect time for a wine lover’s holiday to La Rioja to discover everything that the wine in this region has to teach us. There’s history in every bottle. All the colors and notes you’d never been able to sense before, its aromas, and the feel of each sip.

After dropping off your belongings in your room at Santa María Briones, a relaxing stroll through town awaits you. You walk down its cobblestone streets, take in its unique, historic buildings, the balconies that adorn facades, the people walking under archways with the wonderfully warm sun shining down…

Nearby, you spot the museum. The surrounding views are unmatched, but even better is what’s inside. These four thousand square meters host a world full of sensations, secrets, incredible works of art, unique artifacts from other eras…

Outside, you can walk through the Jardín de Baco, a garden where you’ll find more than 220 varieties of different grapes: Verdejo, Albariño, Monastrell… Each turn reveals new delights—the enchantments of the wine culture that is La Rioja.

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Bodega Santa María Briones

When you get back to the hotel at Santa María Briones, you decide to explore its hidden secrets and the stories housed in its thick walls. Within these walls, time slows to give way to peace and tranquility. Make a quick stop at the hotel’s wine bar, where you’ll peruse the bottles, each with its own history and identity…

Armchairs and a sofa in the main salon tempt you into a cozy bit of reading before dinner.

Later, the recesses of Santa María Briones’s El Calado reveal their hidden history and tell us what wine cellars, or calados, meant to La Rioja’s wine culture. After a delicious dinner, your room awaits to welcome you back for a blissful and refreshing night’s rest.

Escaleras calado Santa María Briones

The next day, it’s breakfast and a farewell from the staff of this charming Briones hotel, which has you ready to come back for more. Deep down, you feel that its every nook is yours now. That it’s all part of an experience full of learning, reconnection, and relaxation. In a bag, you’re holding the best possible souvenir: history bottled in the form of wine—La Pasada by Miguel Merino, which can only be found at the Santa María Briones hotel.

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The Vivanco Wine Culture Package includes a one-night stay at our boutique hotel with breakfast and a visit to the Vivanco Museum. The museum visit is subject to availability.

The perfect experience for wine lovers in Santa María Briones.

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* Prices may vary depending on the season and room selection.

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