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La Rioja on the palate

The weekend is coming, a long one. A gastronomical getaway in La Rioja, a trip up north with a stop in the village of Briones… Any excuse is a good one when it comes to treating yourself and savoring everything that La Rioja has to offer. An excuse to celebrate, to raise a glass, and to share in everything that a restaurant table can present you with, which is more than meets the eye.

A food and wine experience complete with a relaxing, peaceful stay in a village whose medieval legacy is still very present. A place where time stands still so you can learn to slow life down… Briones is surrounded by nature with features like the Ebro River and highways flanked by the vineyards that lend La Rioja its unique personality.


Santa María Briones stands apart as a one-of-a-kind hideaway within this region. Full of charm, comfort, and wellness that becomes a gift for the body and the soul.
A stay in Rioja Alta with several rooms to choose from. Each has its own personality, but all are spacious, bright, and cozy.

Just as Briones teaches you to slow down, our boutique hotel’s restaurant invites you to savor your meal for a more meaningful experience. Truly taste each mouthful and explore each flavor… But most importantly, bask in the presence of the people beside you, giving you the gift of their unparalleled company.

Santía María Briones’s dining experience is all about enjoying food seated around a table that inspires conversation over dishes that celebrate the Riojan cookbook and help you clear your mind so you can live in the present.

Gastronomía verduras Briones

Allegar’s offering exemplifies quality cuisine translated into a love for its homeland, respect for the past and our surroundings, the knowledge and customs of its people, outstanding service, and the use of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients from professionals right here in La Rioja…
Each ingredient is then prepared by our kitchen staff, under the leadership of Juan Cuesta, who combines it into delectable dishes that will have you scraping your plate clean. Roast langoustine on a seafood-stuffed avocado roll and house ajoblanco, beef cheeks with pear and figs, a tres leches brioche…

And Allegar serves it all up in a unique setting. It shelters you within its stone walls, which keep out heat in summer and keep you safe from the cold in winter. It glows with the perfect mood lighting to give the restaurant a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Postre Allegar Briones

La Rioja on the Palate includes a one-night stay with breakfast and your choice of lunch or dinner from our tasting menu at Allegar restaurant, with or without a wine pairing.

Santa María Briones and its Allegar restaurant are one of many northern stops, but they’re a destination for savoring flavors and moments.

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* Prices may vary depending on the season and room selection.

Meet again