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Comienza el Año Nuevo con experiencias Únicas en Santa María Briones

Happy New Year, dear Santa María Briones travelers, friends, and visitors!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on our goals, dreams and definitely plan new and exciting experiences. In 2024, Santa María Briones is presented as the ideal retreat for wine tourism lovers. Our boutique hotel is located in a 16th-century manor house, listed for its great historical value, situated near the Torreón and the medieval village of Briones Cuarenta walls.

Briones offers incredible plans every month of the year. Although it is well known for the wine culture around which La Rioja revolves, this community offers much more. It is still a tourist destination to discover, where the genuineness of its traditions and its cultural essence remain very much alive. Medieval street towns, wineries, large mountain ranges, incredible landscapes, and fantastic gastronomic routes are some of its many leisure options.

La Casa Encantada

Festivals Celebrating Tradition

In addition to the traditional three kings parades, January in La Rioja brings the San Antón festivities on January 16—a date on which the streets come alive with the region’s rich cultural heritage, with street bonfires in which to roast potatoes, cutlets, and chistorras, enjoying an excellent wineskin wine. La Rioja streets are filled with joy and tradition.

Parrilla Santa María Briones

Hiking Trails

If you are a nature lover, La Rioja offers impressive hiking routes that will allow you to explore the diversity of its landscapes. The Sierra de Cebollera and the Sierra de la Demanda offer spectacular landscapes and are must-see destinations for hiking lovers. You can also enjoy quiet walks along the Ebro River, which runs along the Briones hillside on an almost vertical slope, offering the serene melody of its flowing waters. In addition to activities such as kayaking, fishing, and bird watching.

La Rioja has a vast trail grid slithering through its mountains, valleys, and groves. There are options for all levels, from accessible routes for beginners to more demanding challenges for hiking experts.

Gastronomy that delights the palate

La Rioja is famous for its gastronomy, and in January, local restaurants await you with a delicious variety of dishes. Try regional specialties such as roast lamb, Rioja-style potatoes, and indeed, pair your meal with renowned local wines.

Gastronomía La Rioja

Outdoor Sports Practice

From skiing in the Valdezcaray resort, one hour from the Hotel Santa María Briones, to kayaking down the Ebro River, paragliding, cycling, climbing in the Sierra de Cameros, or golfing in some of the courses spread throughout the region.

Get ready for an unforgettable trip...

2024 is the perfect time to discover La Rioja and immerse yourself in this region’s genuineness. With a unique mix of tradition, nature, and culinary delights, La Rioja awaits you with experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

Make your plans, pack your bags, and come discover La Rioja in 2024! Rest assured, it will be a trip you will remember fondly for many years.

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