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At the end of April, the flower you will see on the vine

In honor of spring from Santa María Briones, our small Boutique Hotel in La Rioja, in this month of April we propose a route where flowers are the protagonists.

When the good weather arrives and the first rays of sunshine caress the skin, is when the vine brings out its flower. A phenomenon unknown to many. These small white flowers open waiting to be pollinated, once this happens the “fruit set” takes place, which is the phase in which the flower turns into fruit and the grape berry begins to develop.

The flowering of the vine determines both the volume of the harvest and the date on which the grape harvest begins, since it usually takes 100 days from flowering until the grapes are harvested.

This phenomenon occurs once a year, so those who visit La Rioja in spring, in addition to enjoying the pleasant weather and the tastings and visits to the wineries in Briones and the surrounding area, will be able to observe the flowering process up close.

For lovers of flora and fauna La Rioja has other hidden treasures and festivities around flowering to visit and enjoy:

Plum Blossom Festival - Fiesta del ciruelo en Flor

On April 7, 2024 in the small town of Nalda, very close to Logroño, the Plum Blossom Festival is celebrated. A tribute to this spectacle of nature, as the plum and almond trees are two of the trees whose petals, color and shape produce a greater visual spectacle. A festival that not only consists of enjoying the sight of this beautiful phenomenon, but also allows you to taste delicious traditional dishes and roasts, such as migas de pastor, a visit to the flower and plant market in the Plaza de la Tela and the incredible views from the viewpoint of the Castillo de Nalda.

Cerezo en flor La Rioja

Vegetable Days Calahorra 2024 - Fiesta de la Verdura 2024

Continuing with the vegetable world, if there is a protagonist in the region is the “Huerta Riojana” that thanks to the abundant flow of the Ebro River enjoys enviable health. Around it in Calahorra these days are celebrated with a full program of activities that make known the goodness and wonders of the products of the land: talks, lectures, discussions, live cooking exhibitions, tastings, tastings … .

More information here.

Jornadas gastronómicas de la Verdura 2024

Botanical Garden of La Rioja - Jardín Botánico de La Rioja

Founded in 1985, its activity is dedicated to the conservation, research and dissemination of plant life native to the region. It offers an incredible visit full of plants, trees, flowers of all colors, species from all over the world, fish, frogs, turtles… In addition to the pleasant walk through the different areas of the botanical garden, there are thematic workshops and bird watching. A unique plan for those who want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and connect with nature.

More information here.

Jardín Botánico La Rioja

Preparate para un viaje inolvidable...

In Santa Maria Briones as passionate about the local culture, a land full of life, wine and passion, we promote wine tourism by providing our guests through our blog the information and arrangements necessary to organize your trip to La Rioja and visit the wineries in the area;

And no matter how much we tell you about the experience at Santa María Briones, nothing compares to living it yourself, we are waiting for you!


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