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Route of the 3 Valleys by motorcycle through La Rioja

Summer is the ideal season for touring La Rioja on wheels, the long days and good temperatures allow you to extend the route and stop between destinations to enjoy the landscape, the vineyards and the local gastronomy.

This time we present the Route of the 3 Valleys, which runs along the banks of the rivers Leza, Iregua and Najerilla. Between one bend and another through its lush, leafy natural landscape you will discover medieval villages, hidden hermitages, viewpoints and large expanses of vineyards. 188 kilometres long, it crosses 29 municipalities.

Starting from Briones, 20 minutes from Leza, we will follow a circular route that will take us to mountain passes such as Montenegro or La Rasa, hermitages such as Lomos de Orio, monasteries such as Valvanera and viewpoints such as Cañón de Río Leza.

Along the route you will feel the pure air and the silence as the breeze blows through the Sierra de Cebollera and the forest, the mountains and the squawking of the rooks envelop you.

Here are the main points of each of the valleys, which will serve as a starting point. Then the pleasure of the route will lead you to make as many stops as you wish to enjoy and savour the journey:

Leza Valley (52.47 km)

Villages: Muro en Cameros, Jalón de Cameros, San Román de Cameros, Terroba, Soto en Cameros, Leza del Río Leza, Ribafrecha, Villamediana de Iregua, Alberite, Lardero.


Iregua Valley (72.50 km)

Villages: Entrena, Medrano, Hornos de Moncalvillo, Sotes, Ventosa, Villoslada de Cameros, Villanueva de Cameros, Ortigosa de Cameros, El Rasillo de Cameros, Nieva de Cameros, Almarza de Cameros.


Najerilla Valley (77.30 km)

Villages: Alesón, Tricio, Baños de Río Tobía, Bobadilla, Anguiano, Viniegra de Abajo, Viniegra de Arriba.

Mototurismo La Rioja

The natural diversity of this route, the folklore linked to its medieval tradition and the grape harvest, as well as its architecture, make this route one of the most highly recommended for lovers of motorbike tourism.

Ruta de los 3 Valles

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At Santa María Briones we are passionate about the local culture, a land full of life, wine and passion, and we encourage wine tourism by providing our guests with the information and arrangements necessary to organise their trip to La Rioja and visit the wineries in the area through our blog.

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