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In the fall, the Rioja landscape enjoys the purest air. Its long stretches of woods and the climate favor mushroom spawning. From Santa María Briones, we suggest a different plan in La Rioja that year after year, gains more and more followers—an activity for those who enjoy mycology and wish to acquire the knowledge that will allow them to identify and distinguish these highlands-granted precious delicacies.

Micología en La Rioja

In addition to its renowned wine production, La Rioja is indeed one of the Spanish regions standing out for its mushroom spawning and harvesting. About 61,000 tons of this product are grown yearly in La Rioja – a figure representing 60% of national production.

Considered the mecca of champignons and mushrooms, Padrejón – located in Calahorra county, brings the first mycotourism trail in Spain. An Interpretation Center, with visits of about two hours, where you will learn how to select mycelium and inoculate seeds, as well as useful hacks for cooking and preserving this product at home.

Mycology is a pleasure that has favored side-lines, including reconnaissance routes or gastronomic days such as the Great Mycological Dinner at the Echaurren Restaurant in Ezcaray.

Sierra de Cebollera

The Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park stands out in this region – an area of 23,640 hectares where beech, Pyrenean oak, and wild pines predominate. In this natural setting, a mycological preserve has been created that allows monitoring of mushroom harvest and breeding.

In addition to the fungi spread, the Iberian gray partridge, deer, wild boar, and roe deer stand out in this nature reserve. In its rivers, trout and otters stand out.

During these mycological walks, the traveler can fully enjoy all of nature’s benefits, connecting with oneself and enjoying the purest air. The Observation Tourism portal organizes guided activities to learn the best spots to find mushrooms, species identification, and harvest guidelines. It eases the access regulatory permits granting and safety to walk through the hillside.

Setas en La Rioja. Micología.

Some of La Rioja’s native mushrooms are Caesar’s mushroom, the sooty head, the white saddle, the red pine mushroom, or the curious parasol mushroom.

At Santa María Briones – as La Rioja enthusiasts, we promote our community’s incredible cultural and landscape value—we advocate responsible tourism that is respectful of our homeland’s heritage and diversity.

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