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Discover what makes our boutique hotel Santa María Briones unique

On March 1, 2024 we reopen our doors with renewed enthusiasm for a new season full of travelers who will come to discover La Rioja with us. For those of you who have not yet visited us and want to know a little more about Santa María Briones, we would like to tell you what makes our small boutique hotel special and how we understand this project.

For us each traveler who crosses the doors of the hotel is unique, a new person with a suitcase full of desires, plans and illusion, who has chosen among all the destinations Briones and among all the hotels Santa Maria Briones;

For this reason we want to tell you our story and how important it is to share this experience with you. After a long journey through Spain and the United States, our family of Riojan origin decided to return home in search of our roots. This is how the project of this boutique hotel in La Rioja was born.

Santa María Briones terraza noche

And this is the story of a reunion, of a return, of a return. We wanted to offer a small hotel that would pay homage to the best of La Rioja, offering an authentic proposal around the lifestyle of our land and the wine culture. The medieval village of Briones, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, was the ideal place for our family project.

After a long search, when you find the place that makes you feel at home, you recognize it, and so it was that when we found this 16th century civil mansion, catalogued for its high historical value, located near the Torreón and the walls of the Forties of the medieval village of Briones, we knew we had arrived.

With absolute respect for the past and curiosity for the future, our vital project took shape and opened its doors in 2022. We wanted to offer a complete stay, where the luxury of unhurried living and savoring life could be felt in every corner of the hotel. Preserving the authenticity and historicity of the building, we restored it in warm tones and noble materials in order to make the common areas welcoming and inviting to feel at home with all the services of a hotel. From the common rooms, to the courtyard to our restaurant Allegar follow the same line of noble and harmonious luxury.

An exclusive small hotel concept with a few spacious rooms (16) overlooking the Ebro river and the wall or the center of the medieval village of Briones, offering unique sunsets and sunrises. The silence provided by its thick and medieval walls guarantee the perfect silence for a quality sleep.

Junior Suite general

However, we wanted our charming hotel in La Rioja to be not only a place to come and go, but a place to live. For this reason we opened our Restaurant Allegar, included in the Michelin Guide and open to the public, which offers a reinterpretation of Rioja cuisine with an avant-garde touch. The products are Km0 from the farmers and orchards of the village, the meats and fish of excellent quality. In turn, as it could not be otherwise, we offer in addition to the menu, several tasting menus with and without pairing included, betting heavily on the wines of the area, one of the most important and relevant designations of origin at international level.

Restaurante Allegar. Foto: Lisa Praster

Preparate para un viaje inolvidable...

In Santa Maria Briones as passionate about the local culture, a land full of life, wine and passion, we promote wine tourism by providing our guests with the information and arrangements necessary to organize their trip to La Rioja and visit the wineries in the area;

And no matter how much we tell you about the experience at Santa María Briones, nothing compares to living it yourself. We look forward to seeing you in March!


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Meet again