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A tour of the Briones wineries

Culture, gastronomy, and wine come together in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Cobblestone streets with medieval charm, small palaces, churches, and the city wall –one of the main attractions of this Artistic Complex, as credited since 1973.

In the heart of La Rioja –this land bearing the oldest wine designation of origin in Spain, it is only natural that the wineries’ concentration is especially interesting for wine tourism lovers.

Here is the group of wineries you can find in Briones:

Bodegas en Briones, La Rioja

Bodegas Betolaza

A traditional Briones winery, which originally made its own wine in its Briones house cellar. It was in 2000 when they created their own brand, Betolaza.

They defend that good wine gestates in the vine, which is why they pick the grapes by hand at their optimal ripening moment, selecting the best ones right in the vineyard.

Guided tours with a member of the Betolaza family are a sensory and cultural immersion that allows you to learn about the entire wine-making process, ending if desired with a tasting in the cellar.

Bodegas Vivanco

A visit to the wineries is almost a mandatory stop for visitors to Briones who come over for the love of wine. A centenary winery that maintains the same spirit that motivated its founder, Pedro Vivanco González, already 4 generations ago.

Today, driven by the passion for wineries, you can enjoy several experiences such as a visit to the Vivanco Museum and the wineries, a gastronomic stop at the restaurant, tastings, and courses at the Wine Corner.

Vinos exclusivos Restaurante Allegar. Vinos DO RIOJA.

Bodegas Daniel Puras

One of the oldest in the town, its wines are now on the market under the name Cantiga in honor of the ancient sung poems that reflect Briones’ medieval roots.

They offer visits to the wineries and final tasting. During the visit, you will be able to walk through its vineyards, learn about its traditional production methods, delve into its centennial cellars, and discover the story behind each glass.

Bodegas Miguel Merino

A small winery with top-quality wines. With 13 hectares spread over 24 small vineyards, all of them labored with animal traction as in the old days; its soils and vine diversity give rise to very interesting and different wines.

At their vineyard La Pasada, in 2020, an old vine planted in 1918 in Briones with varieties Tempranillo and Calagraño –a centenary white grape that fell into disuse, they produced an intense, delicate, complex, and enveloping wine, only found in Santa Maria Briones. Its 150-bottled-units limited production was destined for our restaurant Allegar customers.

At Bodegas Miguel Merino, the cultivation is sustainable –free of any type of herbicides, and the harvest is manual—a luxury in these times.


Calado en Briones

Bodegas Enbrión | La Cueva del Americano

A small family business resulting from love for Rioja Alta’s winegrowing heritage and tradition has been training and immersing itself in the sector for 30 years.

As a result of chance, they discovered that La Cueva del Americano was available, an impulse that led them to acquire and refurbish it, fulfilling their dream of creating their own wine.

They offer interesting visits that include a tour around the Caralebro, also known as the Winery District (Barrio de las Bodegas).

During the visit, they pair equally their own wines and a selection of fellow wines from the town of Briones and the Spanish mainland.

Bodegas Castillo Alonso

A 1925-originated fourth-generation family-run winery undertaking a thorough care of grapes and vineyards, which gives a unique flavor to their wines, from the youngest to those from old vines.

Bodegas Zurbal

Several Castillo family generations have been in charge of the Zurbal Winery, with 100% in-house production and centenary vineyards on their 25 hectares.

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